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Furnace Not Working? - What to Check First

Tuesday, May 30 2017 1:02 PM
Categorized In Furnace
When your furnace isn't blowing warm air like it should, you may want to check your furnace first before you call a repair technician. Sometimes there is a simple fix that you may be able to do yourself immediately. If you do need furnace repair in Aurora, Naperville, Downers Grove and the western suburbs, call AccuMax at … Read Article
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What Is an HVAC Heating and Cooling System?

Tuesday, May 23 2017 9:31 AM
Categorized In Heating and Cooling
What Is an HVAC System?  HVAC is short for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning. An HVAC system is what keeps your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It is also known as a heating and cooling system. Both terms are often used interchangeably. For those of us here in northern Illinois, we know how it&r… Read Article
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5 Heating and Cooling Tips to Save You Money

Monday, May 15 2017 12:45 PM
Categorized In Heating and Cooling
On average, about half of your entire home energy bill is from your heating and cooling system. With so much of your energy costs coming from one place, it makes sense to try and get your system running efficiently in order to save more money. This is where your efforts at efficiency will have the biggest payoff. 1. Inspect a… Read Article
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Benefits of HVAC Home Automation Systems

Wednesday, May 10 2017 12:06 PM
Categorized In Blog & Tips
Unless your home has window air conditioning units, it already has an HVAC system in place. You use it to heat your home in winter and cool your home in summer. If you don't have a brand new home, then the technology available to you for maintaining temperatures has advanced beyond what was around at the time it was installed. … Read Article
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