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Benefits of HVAC Home Automation Systems

Wednesday, May 10 2017 12:06 PM
By Dan Baloun

Unless your home has window air conditioning units, it already has an HVAC system in place. You use it to heat your home in winter and cool your home in summer. If you don't have a brand new home, then the technology available to you for maintaining temperatures has advanced beyond what was around at the time it was installed.

The biggest advance has been in home automation systems for HVAC. Home automation is the use of electronic devices (computers, phones, tablets) to control basic home functions and features automatically and sometimes remotely.

Home automation systems continue to gain in popularity. It's likely that someday soon they will become standard in newly built homes.

Why are home automation systems so popular? How can they benefit homeowners?

Let's review some of the reasons why home automation systems have become so popular and the benefits they provide homeowners.

Benefits of HVAC Home Automation Sytems

Save money with improved energy efficiency

A new home automation system for your heating and air conditioning could save you 20% on your energy bills each year. The older your current system or the larger your home, the more money you will save.

More control over the temperature of each room

With a smart automation system, you can cool or heat any room evenly and more efficiently. With greater control over the temperature of each room, you can turn off the vents in rooms that you are not using or don't want to heat and cool. It's easy to change the temperature of every room individually. 

Control the temperature of each room with your smartphone

You can control your heating and cooling using your smartphone from anywhere inside or outside your home, even when you're not even there. 

Connect your temperature control to you security system

You can connect your security system to your home HVAC system to your thermostat for greater efficiency. By using information from all of your sensors – doors and window openings, motion, arming and disarming – the system learns your patterns and can make recommendations for optimal energy performance.

Voice controls

Besides the ease of using your smartphone to control room temperatures, when you are at home you can also use voice controls. You can connect the system to already existing products like your Amazon Echo. No reason to get off of the couch to turn the heat up, even when you don't have your phone. 

Automatic adjustments

There are many different options to set up your heating and cooling to automatically adjust based on the room you're in, your daily routines, whether you are home or not, or even sensors that can tell when doors or windows are open.

There are many ways that home automation systems can improve your life. We bet once you start using automation for your heating and cooling, you'll love the savings you get on your energy bills and the ease of use.

AccuMax installs, maintains and repairs home automation systems. We specialize in Nexia Home Automation Systems.

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