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5 Heating and Cooling Tips to Save You Money

Monday, May 15 2017 12:45 PM
By 360 Administrator

On average, about half of your entire home energy bill is from your heating and cooling system.

With so much of your energy costs coming from one place, it makes sense to try and get your system running efficiently in order to save more money. This is where your efforts at efficiency will have the biggest payoff.

1. Inspect and maintain your heater & air conditioner

You should have regular inspections performed on your HVAC system. It needs to be checked for wear on parts, air filter replacement, component failures, air and refrigerant leaks and checks of your ductwork. 

Performing routine maintenance keeps your heating and cooling running at top efficiency. A clean and well-maintained system will also keep your system running longer. As expensive as a new system can be, keeping your existing one for as long as possible will save you thousands as well.

AccuMax offers heating and cooling maintenance plans so that you have routine maintenance performed by a trained expert on your HVAC system. We also offer you annual maintenance plans that include the cost of parts, which can be especially helpful for homeowners and businesses alike to help control expenses.

2. Fix your weather stripping

The weather stripping material around your doors and windows helps seal your home from the outdoor elements. Over time, it will naturally wear out, break down, crack and tear.

When you begin to notice cracking, peeling away from the surfact or feel a draft, it's time to replace your stripping. By replacing or improving insulation around windows and doors, you can usually save between 10 to 15 percent on your utility bills. It's also a repair that easy enough for most people to do themselves.

3. Use insulating curtains or blinds

It's estimated that homes can lose around 25% of its temperature controlled air through windows. Even newer double paned windows can allow heat to seep into your home. Older windows will be even less efficient.

If you don't have new windows or the budget to replace your old ones, you can still limit your energy losses. The easiest way is by using blinds or insulating drapes to help minimize your energy losses. This will help you on your energy bills both in the summer and winter. Another benefit is that much like weather stripping, curtains and blinds are something that most people can install themselves to save money.

4. Use a programmable thermostat or automated HVAC system

By using a programmable or automated HVAC system, you can save money by programming your thermostat to make adjustments based on your routine, such as changing temperature automatically when you're at work. By lowering the temperature when you're gone, you can often save 10% on your energy bills. 

If you are interested in an automated heating and cooling system, we specialize in installing, maintaining and repairing automated HVAC systems in Aurora, Naperville, Downers Grove and the surrounding area. 

5. Update your furnace or air conditioner with an energy-efficient one

According to data from Energy Star, a newer energy efficient furnace or air conditioner can save you 15% - 20%. 

Any HVAC system that is ten years old or older is a candidate for a replacement with a modern high-efficiency unit. Upgrading your old system will save you money on utility bills throughout the year, and the savings will help justify the upgrade. You may also be eligible for tax credits or rebates from your energy provider and the state or federal government well.

Besides providing heating and cooling system installation, Accumax also provides Energy Management Evaluation services in Aurora, Naperville, and Chicagoland to help you discover energy savings in your residential or commercial property. 

Schedule your home energy management evaluation by calling (630) 800-1598 today.

We're happy to answer your questions about equipment or energy efficiency.

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