Upgrade and replace your heating and air conditioning with and energy efficient HVAC system to improve your air quality, comfort, and energy savings.

HVAC system replacement is a costly and often tedious process that can disrupt business earnings over extended periods of time. Unfortunately, it is never a matter of if you will need your heating and cooling equipment replaced it is only a matter of when.

HVAC equipment typically has a lifespan of about 12 to 15 years and that is why retrofit programs are so important. Retrofit projects replace or add equipment to existing or older systems. They improve energy efficiency, improve energy output and extend the lifespan of the existing system.

High Efficiency HVAC Upgrades & Retrofits

A properly designed and installed HVAC system can remove the problems caused by high indoor air humidity and the resulting condensation. Small changes such as adding economizers can provide ventilation and reduce electricity consumption by reducing air conditioner energy use. In addition, improved room airflow will cause more uniform temperatures in a room and increase comfort.


5 Benefits of a Planned HVAC Retrofit Program

  • Avoid Costly Emergency Repair

    For HVAC equipment that is nearing the end of its lifespan, it is smart to plan ahead. Ignoring an HVAC issue in the middle of the summer or winter can be extremely costly, as you will likely pay a high premium to repair or replace the unit. We recommend placing your heating and cooling equipment on preventative maintenance programs where your HVAC contractor will routinely service and make any necessary repairs or upgrades to prolong the life of your equipment.

  • Avoid Disrupting Business & Losing Sales

    In an already difficult restaurant industry, losing business is catastrophic, especially in a poor economy. Unplanned repair or replacement expenses can cut into a restaurant’s profit. Most importantly, you risk dissatisfying employees and customers and losing business.

  • Lower Your HVAC Energy Costs

    You can immediately lower your HVAC energy costs by up to 40% with new high-efficiency equipment. Such equipment may qualify you for energy and green building rebates while offsetting the ever rising cost of energy.

  • Control The Timing of Your Spending

    You control your HVAC equipment spending by planning out upgrades and maintenance. Prevent unexpected costs by setting a fixed monthly budget for HVAC expenditures. Ask AccuMax how we can help you control HVAC spending by putting you on our fixed monthly maintenance program.

  • Maintain Detailed Records

    This can ensure that services and upgrades are performed in a timely manner so that the HVAC system runs efficiently and without unexpected problems that can lead to lost business.

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