Maximize Your Energy Use

AccuMax, Inc. is a father and son operated business in North Aurora, IL offering professional and reliable home energy management to assess your home’s energy use.

We have a team of experienced energy professionals who are ready to examine your past utility bills and do a full examination of your home to help determine where your house is losing energy and money. AccuMax will also recommend how to correct such problems to make your home more energy efficient.

You will save money on heating and cooling expenses all year with a more energy efficient home or business thanks to recommendations from AccuMax energy management consultants.

Home Energy Savings

Our energy management evaluation is the first step in making your residence more energy efficient. AccuMax employs highly trained energy advisors specialized in HVAC and can assess how to best save energy and money while maintaining the highest level of comfort.

Home Energy Management Procedure

  1. The first step in reducing your monthly energy bills is by calling AccuMax and scheduling an energy management evaluation. Before our evaluator visits your home, it is important to make a list of any existing problems such as drafty or uncomfortable rooms. You should have copies of your home’s monthly energy bills since the information will be useful in establishing what to look for during the evaluation.
  2. After the evaluation, it is imperative to review the findings and recommendations with our comfort adviser, who will advise you on the best course of action. The amount of potential needed upgrades or repairs needed will determine just how much you could save.
  3. Following the approval of the recommened serves, we will begin the installation of your selected energy efficiency improvements.
  4. Finally, you can enjoy your savings on each bill after our work is done.

Let Us Recommend  Energy Saving Repairs

AccuMax, Inc.’s energy management evaluators also prioritize and recommend the most effective energy saving repairs. We will determine if a simple repair or full replacement will produce better results.

Schedule your home energy management evaluation by calling (630) 800-1598 AccuMax, Inc. today.

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