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Water Heaters

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The Guardian System™ from Rheem

Flammable Vapor Ignition Resistance
Guardian is the FVIR System that’s engineered to exceed ANSI standards.

Exclusive, Air Shut-Off System
It shuts off gas and air supplies – providing double protection.

Flame Arrestor Plate
A specially-designed flame arrestor prevents ignition of vapors outside the combustion chamber.

Superior Air Filtration
It prevents the flame arrestor from becoming clogged by lint, dust and oil.

Maintenance-Free! No Filters to Clean!
Guardian System has no filters to service, replace or clean.

It’s Easy to Light
No matches are required with the Rheem Guardian System.

Standard Replacement Parts
Guardian System incorporated a standard gas valve and Thermocouple – easy to replace.


  • Guardian System models are high altitude compliant – some models certified for applications up to 6,000 and 10,200 feet above sea level.

  • Zero clearance to combustibles, rear, and side.

  • Energy efficient! Get more hot water at a lower operating cost!

  • Available on most Rheem gas water heater models.